“You trigger people with your mere presence, be careful not to get canceled!”

This is one comment I heard when I started as an Image Consultant, and that I still remember.

It was not a compliment. It was not a genuine, heartfelt concern. It serves to illustrate the case that some people have no idea of what coaching people is about.

It’s not about rosy Instagram quotes nor dancing on TikTok while “changing” clothes and shoes.

An effective, no-nonsense mindset will trigger you.

An effective motivation style will trigger you.

I will not tell you what you want to hear about your appearance. I will tell you what you need to hear to get yourself on the path to mastering your appearance.

I’m neither a therapist nor an emotionless branch manager.

You may not always like the outfit composing activities I encourage you to do for yourself. You may not like that I do not give you a fully detailed make-up buying list with brands and product names.

Self-mastery means challenging your fears, especially deep ones. It means overcoming limiting beliefs and self-sabotaging thoughts, and for this, I have to encourage you to think outside your box for any valuable change of perspective to occur.

My job is to increase the odds you win big at whatever you set your mind to. For this, I have to create a space in which you can develop the skills and mindset that will help you first of all to become the master of your own style.

The strategies, habits, lifestyle, and purpose that best serve your interests do not fit into a color fan for your complexion. A real coach will provide a realistic frame for you to work on yourself.

A real mentor will help you break down your barriers, not paste make-up lists and style mood boards over them.

In the best case, you want a coach who has gone through hell and back. A mentor who practices what she preaches and has done all the hard work.

This kind of coach holds the key for a doorway that leads towards a transformative, creative, entertaining, self-healing journey.

And if you want to do what it takes, if you are honest about improving any aspect of your life (think family, nutrition, work, fitness, style) you must be ready and eager to be triggered.

Triggers are essential for transformations and development. 

I will trigger you. But my triggers are not the hurtful type. At all.

I did fight and overcome bullying, conforming, trying to fit in, and self-sabotaging thoughts.

And I learned that triggering words and facts shown to you by someone who cares about your progress will get you to step up your game, will get you to consider alternative possibilities, and will bring you closer to your objectives.

And that is what I offer. Not just color palettes.

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