Conquer Your Style™

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Your Style is key to unlocking your potential. Conquer Your Style™ is a unique program that transforms how you dress and feel about yourself, by taking your individual personality, virtues, and goals into account. You’ll find clothes that reflect who you are and make you look and feel amazing. With my help, you will be able to Conquer Your Style™ and in turn, conquer the world.

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Having a unique personal style brings you closer to your goals and makes dressing up a daily boost of confidence. To make your personality and virtues visible to the people you meet, you need to make your clothes show the world what you want them to —you have to Conquer your Style™.

You know what you want to project. Perhaps you don’t know how.

We’ll work together so that you will clarify your purpose and learn all about your body structure and complexion. You will discover which shapes and colours instantly boost your attractiveness, and the mindset to go for whatever you want to achieve. You’ll become your very own Style Icon.

Conquering your Style is a lifelong journey. It’s an inside-out transformation.

Trends change, your context changes, and challenges and opportunities appear. You will also learn tools and strategies to buy and create outfits on your own your closet, your rules.

Conquer Your Style package

Kickstart Call: Discover

Conquer Your Style™ starts on your mind. We’ll work on your style challenges, your personal preferences, and life goals; to lay the foundation for the mindset you’ll need to acquire to live with your ideal image.  From the first session, we’ll break through the barriers (internal and external), the temptation to imitate other people’s styles, and elevate yourself as your own muse.


Your body is the key element of your style. We’ll work on your physical features and your preferences to find the common ground between what you love and what works for your body; so that you will become more attractive wearing the clothes you love. We’ll also align your purpose with your body to create a harmonious look, so everyone can see all the good in you. You will discover the colours and shapes that bring the best in you.

Your Closet

We’ll make your closet work for you. You will receive a workbook that will help you get rid of the damaged pieces, work on those that need tailoring, and define your key pieces. Also, you will get a list of suggestions to fill in the blanks in case you need new clothes or accessories to create outfits that serve your lifestyle. Those days of spending hours looking through your closet and thinking about what to wear will be gone for good after you complete this activity. You’ll gain clarity, time, and freedom.

New Incorporations

This is when you become a Conqueror. Your unique ebook will contain your “ten bulletproof outfits”. Each garment and accessory is chosen to help you elevate your style and confidence. We’ll discuss the clothes, accessories, hair, and make-up so you can both make the best of your own clothes, fill in the blanks, and get rid not just of the clothes and products that don’t fit your complexion and your body; but also of the habits and beliefs that don’t serve your life goals.

I won’t be going away once the program ends. Once it finishes, you’ll get free Style Support for one year. 

If you are on a weight loss and/or fitness journey, I’ll be there to support you and answer your questions regarding clothes as your body changes for the better. 

If you find yourself moving to another country with different dress codes, I’ll adapt your work outfit to your new place so you can impress anybody, anywhere.

The program includes:

20-minute Kickstart Google Meet session

60-minute Style Consultation session

Session recordings (2)

Closet clarity workbook

  • Your unique Conquer Your Style™ E-book with the following:
  • Body Shape analysis
  • Color Palette
  • Your Style Archetype
  • Styling Vision Board
  • Your Signature Outfit (a.k.a. your style uniform)
  • Your Ten Bulletproof Outfits
  • Fifteen Signature Piece Suggestions (clothing, shoes, and accessories)

You want the world to see your authentic self? Take the leap.

This is a final purchase since the one-on-one calls are scheduled at your convenience. By choosing to invest in this program, you’re committing to yourself and your desire to upgrade your life. By backing out of this purchase, you are backing out on a commitment to yourself. It’s for this reason, your purchase is non-refundable.

You will wear everything in your closet

Getting dressed will be simple

You will know what’s right for you (and leave the rest)

You will stand out and inspire people around you

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