Closet Refresh

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Closet Refresh is my wardrobe consultation that helps you get rid of the clothes you don’t wear and figure out what to keep. A complete closet audit to make sure you’re only keeping pieces that flatter your complexion, body, and lifestyle. This way you’ll never have to waste time trying to put together an outfit again! Make your closet work for You in this three-hour session.

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You'd love to wear all that clothes that flatter you and get rid of those which don't. In this four-hour session, we do exactly that.

I'll make my way into your closet, so you can learn how to wear 100% of your clothes. Today, your closet may be in one of these scenarios:

  1. Loaded with impulsive purchases from different seasons, a pile of basics, or gifts from family and friends.
  2. Full of clothes of the same style, but in different colours and fabrics.

In both cases, putting an outfit together can be stressing. There are many clothes you know how to wear in certain ways, but when you want to wear the rest you feel lost. Still, you'd like to improve your options for dressing up.

How do I do it?

With a complete closet audit to make sure it contains only those pieces that suit your complexion, body, and lifestyle.

Showing you which colour families compliment your skin, eyes, and hair colour, so you can look only for clothes that belong in your colour palette.

Creating complete outfits with clothes you already own, so you can make better use of what you already have.

Getting rid of those clothes that don't have the right fit, those which aren't the right colours, and those that don't serve your lifestyle.

After this, you'll only reach for those pieces that look perfect on you.  Sharing styling tips and tricks that you can apply to your everyday dressing.

My philosophy is "do more with less". Still, sometimes there are blank spaces that need to be filled in order to create a closet that works with your lifestyle. I'll create a shopping list so you can incorporate new pieces that work and look perfect on you.

Closet Refresh includes:

Before the session:

Guidance. Your style is unique. Before we start, I'll send you some questions that will allow me to create a customized session according to your lifestyle, the image you want to project, and your activities, so you can make the most of our time together. You'll also receive a worksheet to be prepared for our power session.

During our three hour session:

Personal image. The idea is to create combinations you will love, with clothes you'd love to wear but you've never imagined in an outfit. With the right amount of clothes, you can put together lots of outfits, and dressing day to day becomes far more enjoyable.

Cleaning. Everything that has seen better days, or doesn't adapt to your style or lifestyle, will leave your closet to make space for only those that work for you. You'll also get information about charities to donate those clothes that are in good condition but won't pay much on a thrift sale.

Tips and techniques. While I browse your closet and you try combinations, I'll share the styling tips I'll be applying during the process. That way, you can incorporate them to create more combinations and stylish outfits in the future.

Organization. At the end of the session, your closet will see changes that will allow you to visualize it better, making the key pieces more accessible and easier to navigate through the different clothes, shoes, and accessories.

Adjustments. Sometimes, some of your best clothes need adjustments to fit better and boost your attractiveness. You'll find the adjustments detailed in your styling guide.

After the session:

Styling Guide. Your guide includes all the outfits we created, so you can reference them in the future. The guide also contains tips, suggestions, and a shopping list to fill in the blanks. 

Session recording. Everything will be registered so you can go back and explore an idea or concept that piqued your interest.


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