Don't Buy Make-up Lists!

Make-up buying lists became a very popular trend in the image consulting business.

Avoid them at all costs. 

If you have already been to a color analysis session, you know what your complexion is. And if you are a make-up lover, you may have stumbled upon these product lists on the internet. They are neither cheap nor useful. 

I’ll explain why you should pass on these lists.

Making a “product buying list” for a whole complexion family is simply wrong. 

All complexion families (named after seasons) have at least three different skin colors in them. 

Skin color has both an overtone and an undertone. Overtone can look pink, yellow, peach, or brown, (called “ivory”, “beige”, “sand”, “sable”, etc). Undertone is described as rose or golden. 

You can see the overtone, but not the undertone. Still, both are important when buying makeup because the combination of both is what makes different variations of skin color. 

I’ll use the True Winter complexion as an example. 

Pure red lipsticks look perfect on the dark-eyed types with beige skin, but not quite so on those with rosy skin which favor pink-reds. And still, on any “True Winter Make-up list” you’ll find all those shades together, with the deep purples (like MAC Rebel) which can overwhelm some True Winters and favor others. 

Skin finish is a different matter, and it’s often not related to the complexion, but to each person’s skin type.

This is also ignored on the product lists you’ll see all over the internet.

Although different brands give each finish a different name, you’ll find lipsticks in the following finishes: matte, creme (with a slight shine), metallic (frosted), glossy (shiny, but not as lip gloss), and shimmer (including small particles of glitter) And in a category of their own there’s lip gloss (which has a high shine); and lip stains (which can look like real lips unless the texture is patchy). 

Those whose lips tend to dry easily should avoid matte lipsticks and choose lip gloss and creme lipsticks. And those with sensitive or allergic-prone skin better stay away from anything containing glitter.

In some cases, metallics tend to break the skin color balance because of how they reflect light. Those with an ivory skin color better pass on metallics and go for creme lipsticks, because their subtle shine will complement, not compete, with their natural skin finish. 

You will not find make-up lists that consider both complexion and skin type, because each woman has a unique combination of both.

The same color will not work on two women with the same complexion because of their different skin tones, as much as the same lipstick texture will not work on two women with the same complexion because of their skin type.

Also, as new products are released every few months, buying another “updated” make-up list is wasting even more money in an almost endless list of products, of which roughly twenty percent of them (if you are lucky) will work for you.

I’ve seen many women doubting their color analysts over product lists they bought on the internet, and they should not.

Complexion is not defined by how many products of a “buying list” you can wear, it’s defined by the combination of your hair, eye, and skin colors.

As a True Winter with fair, rose-beige skin, and black-brown hair and eyes, I cringe hard whenever I see MAC Flat Out Fabulous on a True Winter make-up list. The thing looks like a neon wreck on my face. And one lipstick that makes me look radiant even if it’s the only product I’m wearing, is Revlon Cherries in the Snow: included in all Bright Winter lists, yet not suitable for all Bright Winters. 

Was my analysis wrong? Nope. Bright Winters don’t have very dark eyes (like mine), and look good in gold jewelry (I can’t). 

Don’t doubt your color analyst, and don’t buy make-up lists

That’s the reason why I suggest only colors and textures to my clients, and when make-up suggestions are included, it’s not a complexion-based list, but individually tailored to the person and as a part of a thorough assessment (such as the Conquer Your Style program)

Skin color and skin type present in a unique combination in each woman, a good image consultant has to make every client make the best with whatever they have.

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