I happened upon the field of Image Consulting after a long journey toward self-mastery.

The Conquer Your Style™ program is the product of the lessons I’ve learned over the years.

I overcame bullying in my childhood and teen years because of my uncommon complexion and strong features. How did I do it? Not only did I resort to Fashion and make-up to make the best with what I have, but also developed a mindset and habits that refined my style. I overcame my fear of standing out and my desire to conform and fit in. 

All the work landed me opportunities in Tourism and Public Relationships. I learned about different cultures and lifestyles, and to identify people’s motivations. 

I obtained a degree in Marketing, educated myself in Fashion Business, Image Consulting, Cultural Journalism, and incorporated those concepts into my day-to-day life. 

I love Fashion and enjoy finding ways to express beauty and excitement through clothing and make-up to create an authentic style. Since 2015, I run the Fashion website Ours is the Style in which I study the most relevant style trends of each season regarding colours, palettes, and garments.

After years in PR and Fashion Journalism, I decided to put this all together and become a Style Mentor to help other people achieve their authentic style: the one that not only serves their complexion but also their personality, goals, and lifestyle.

I will help you win big at whatever you set your mind to. For this, I provide a realistic frame for you to work on yourself, in which you can develop the skills and mindset that will help you become the master of your own style (and, hopefully, your life).

This will help you be noticed, hired, promoted, and remembered.

If you are looking for a coach who has gone through hell and back, who practises what she preaches, and has done all the hard work, you are on the right page.

My mission is to support your journey to become high-value. To guide you to trust yourself and your image so you can attract fortune, love, and financial success with ease.

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