Cecilia Tapia

In a world where conformity and societal norms reigned supreme, I dared to defy the mold at a young age.

I faced my fair share of challenges as I navigated her journey of self-discovery.

Instead of appreciating my high-contrast complexion, people bullied me about it.

Countless “professionals” would approach me with standard advice and opinions.

They told me to distance myself from black, claiming it would bring me down.

I discovered that black was not the enemy but my best neutral.

Makeup experts insisted on fixing my eye makeup to meet their ideal standards.

I realized my black, deep-set eyes were the mark of my Andalusian roots.

I embraced them with pride, to honor myself and the generations before me.

Hair stylists claimed that my almost black locks were too harsh, destined to age me prematurely.

I noticed my natural hair color, in stark contrast with my skin colour made me stand out.

Throughout my journey, I learned a valuable lesson that would shape my future and ignite my passion:

Authentic style isn’t about discarding or hiding what makes you different; it is about shining light on your distinctive features with elegance.

Today I stand tall as an image consultant, armed with wisdom in colour analysis, culture, styling and, above all else, a burning desire to make you look your absolute best.

I know that the key to god-tier style is playing the hand nature has dealt you with confidence.

Remember, you are a hero in the making, and your story deserves to be told in all its glory.

I help you dress like the person you want to be.

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